Low Impact


Changes to DediKate

Have you tried our Live Low Impact Workouts? They are much more motivating and the best way to do your DediKate Low Impact Workouts. You just need to hit play! You now have access to the video replays here HERE

If you prefer not to do the workout with me, then under the Live Low Impact Workouts will be a drop down box where you can see what exercises you need to do. You can watch the start of the workout video to see the demonstration of how to do each exercise.

Low Impact Workouts are 15 minutes long. They are designed for those that have been cleared to exercise but need to prepare their bodies for high intensity exercise after pregnancy, injury or a long period of being sedentary. Low Impact Workouts include exercises which help your body to repair and gain mobility and strength, without putting unnecessary pressure on your core or joints. Low Impact Workouts are also great for older women who would rather not exercise at a high intensity and for women who are pregnant.

Please note depending on your injury, pregnancy, birth or any other personal matters some exercises may need to be altered or substituted to completely meet your needs. Please consult your physiotherapist or other health professional before commencing.

Pregnancy and Exercise – Please consult your midwife, obstetrician or GP before exercising, and always listen to your body. If you experience any pain or discomfort please stop immediately. Avoid exercises where you are lying completely on your back from the 2nd Trimester and if you have low blood pressure then avoid exercises where your arms are above your head. Please also avoid any exercises which could cause you to fall.