Sculpt IT


Changes to DediKate

Have you tried our Live Sculpt It Sessions? They are much more motivating and a more effective use of time! You just need to hit play! You now have access to the video replays HERE

If you prefer not to do the workout with me, then under the Live Sculpt It Sessions (from now on) will be a drop down box where you can see what exercises you need to do. You can watch the start of the workout video to see the demonstration of how to do each exercise.

Sculpt It Sessions require a Swiss Ball and two sets of dumbbells. One is a light weight around 1-3kgs and the other a heavier weight around 4-8kgs (dependent on your current strength). Sculpt It Sessions take about 45 mins.

The Sculpt It Session is designed to be the one exercise session you prioritise each week, over and above most other things in your life. If you have one session you always stick to, then you stay on track regardless of how your week goes.

You should aim to do the Sculpt It Session at the start of each week, if you start the week well, you are more likely to finish that way. Do at least 1 Sculpt IT Session per week, but feel free to do more if you wish.

These are the self led Sculpt It Sessions (Click Here for Live). Ensure you look through all the exercises before you start so you can get familiar with what they are. If you are new to this, it might take a bit of time to get familiar with the exercises but you will soon get to know them!